Get Going with the Exercise Routine

A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Who doesn’t dream of a healthy, fit and sound body? Those chiseled muscles and the feeling of fulfillment each time you look in the mirror. We all dream of a dream body depending on what we want to look like, and at some point of time we have all tried picking up an exercise routine, a sport or joining the gym. Alas! The initial great experience slowly starts getting boring and then we find it hard to keep up the motivation levels.

Here, inspire99 has come up with 10 good tips (might sound clichéd, but trust me, they do work!) to motivate you to get up and get going to your exercise routine everyday


It is the routine isn’t it? We all get bored doing the same thing over and over again every day. We need a change, we need something to keep us excited, we need something which motivates us and makes us feel like we should wake up early for this and feel great to flex our muscles.

How to make it interesting?

There are plenty ways you can make it interesting. A few solutions you might have already tried

  1. Find an Exercise buddy

It is hard to work out alone but when you find someone committed to doing it, the energy flows and the other person makes sure that you are contributing regularly. We all know how bad we feel to disappoint our friends, let alone disappointing ourselves. But make sure that you find a committed one, someone who keeps a tab on you or someone who makes sure that you are there with them every day sweating it out. Some people prefer a personal trainer but that has its own limits. We don’t mind disappointing a trainer but we do mind disappointing a friend. So, find a work out buddy

  1. runningMusic

The same old music in the gym gets boring after a while. I would like to be in control of what I listen to. Well, that is what your ipods are for or your cell phones are for. Make sure that you have some really cool songs on the list, the ones you would love to listen. Or if you want to manage time better, you get some lovely audio books which you can listen to and learn/reflect as you work out. This way you get to spend more time on your reading.

  1. Pamper yourself

You heard me right. Spend money on your work out gear, buy some lovely shoes, great work out gear, something you would love to wear everyday and flaunt yourself in it. Something you would feel good about. At the same time, it acts as a mechanism to keep you on track. You would have spent so much money on it that you would hate for it to go a waste.

4. Change the routine

The same old routine is really boring and it is annoying to do the same thing over and over again. Think! How can you make it better? Your ultimate goal is to get fitThere are plenty other activities you can enjoy which can make you fit. Find a sport you really like – swimming, basketball, football, running, shuttle badminton, tennis – there are so many of them which are very interesting, where there is an adrenaline rush of a sport, something you can really enjoy playing with/against other people.

  1. Some Exercises are just not worth doing maybe?

Be very clear of one thing – it is ok not to be able to do a few exercises. It is completely ok to let them go and instead focus on one thing and one thing only – why you are doing it. Constantly keep innovating yourself and trying something new, that way you will never get that bored easily. It is more about the big picture than the many small ones.

  1. Set the Goal

One of the most annoying things about exercising is that it takes time to give you results. We all would love a place where we come out of the gym with the perfect figure we always dreamed of. But that is hardly ever the case. We all are so focused on the final result that sometimes we forget about the intermediate results. There are so many things that change when you work out, sometimes we just do not appreciate ourselves enough. Don’t fall into that trap!

  1. run fartherGet better.. Every day

We all love improvements, we all love getting better and seeing that change in ourselves. How can your today be better than yesterday? How can you make it better? Is it about doing one more repetition, is it about doing heavier weights, or is it about finishing it faster? Consciously focus on what you can do better today compared to yesterday. And this one, acts in a great way to improve your confidence about yourself.

  1. Maintain a record

How do you know where you stand, how do you know what you did yesterday and how you can improvise on it? – Keep a tab, a tab to know where you stand, a tab which is not a judgement but just a way to tell you how you are doing and how you are going to get better than that, something that can motivate you. For example if you are running, you can have a pedomenter, if you are swimming you can check the number of laps you do in a day. See that there is a specific number so that you can try and find a way to keep breaking your own personal records

  1. Reward yourself

Well you have done such a great job at being regular to they gym, you surely deserve a reward. Not that fat cheese filled burger, but you can surely treat yourself to a movie, or a book, something you might enjoy without ruining all this effort you have done so far

10. Make it Fun

It is not just about going there and working like a machine and coming back home. It is an activity, it is a sport, it is recreation – treat it that way.

These 10 tips, and am sure you would have your own set of them, should help you kick the laziness within and get going with the exercise routine every day.

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